Maui Historical Past To Visit

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Maui is not at all about weddings it is also a great place to find the best of historical place. Before starting your journey a good pair of walking shoes, your car and map will make a good trick to make most in Maui.

Lahaina plays the best part of doing the first trip to Maui. What is in Lahaina? In the west part of Maui you can start your unending journey to the past and its colorful part of history. This is going to be an exciting trip after your Maui wedding.

In Dickenson and Front streets, a parking slot is available but a charge per hour is asked. You will start your walk following a brown and white signs Lahaina Historical Society.It is important though to take note and have with you the Walking Tour map so you won’t miss the 25 sites. Check out sites like Courthouse and Jail and the Waine’e Church, Banyan Tree, Pioneer Inn or Baldwin Home.

At Highway 30 reaching the place of Kapalua known as the site of Ritz Carlton resort . This place had been made famous also because of the Mercedes Benz Championship Golf Tournament.  Getting to Highway 340 going out of Kapalua leads you to marker #16. Reaching this place is seeing the Bellstone, a large volcanic rock sitting which is just along the road. What make this site interesting is when you hit the stone it sounds like a bell ringing.

Olowalu Petroglyphs is located at the North part of Maui. An ancient man shows in the lava rocks. In one of the petroglyphs you’d see animals with people group together with their tools and canoes. It means that before royalty is already being practiced and the ones grouped with the animals are the commoners.

Central Maui offers Pihana Heiaus and Bailey House Museum and Halekii. Built in 1833 is Bailey House Museum located at 2375 Main Street in Wailuku. The museum displays of the last kings Hawaiian artifacts of its 19th century gift shop and painting.  Archaelogical sites are known also as Halekii and Pihana Heiaus. In 1240 a hawaiian sacrificial ground is what is left in the temple.

These are all a few of the great finds for Maui’s historical place to visit. A great list if your are on a group packages Hawaii tour.

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Wedding Resorts in Hawaii

Is Marriage on your mind? Which place could be better than Hawaii to get married and start a new life all together! Hawaii has year round gorgeous weather and is home to world-class beaches and also a heaven for people searching for a romantic destination. Book Last Minute Flights for your guests well in advance and get some good deals on airfares. It’s difficult to plan a wedding especially when you are not familiar with the place, so in order to help you in narrowing down your resort options here is the list of some of the wedding venues here in Hawaii that are worth celebrating your dream wedding.

  • Turtle Bay Resort – The Turtle Bay Resort has a truly paradise look and feel and encompasses over five miles of beach. The resort is located just about 45 minutes from the fast moving life of Honolulu and proves as a great choice for large weddings and also has plenty of white sand & palm trees for wedding pictures.
  • Halekulani Resort – Feel the elegance at the Halekulani Resort which is recognized as one of the most romantic wedding sites in Hawaii. The resort is one of the biggest and the best in Oahu and ensures that the most important day of your life is unforgettable and full of surprises. They have an in house florist, pastry shop; expert staff and award winning chef that combine and make your all inclusive maui wedding an unforgettable one.
  • The Kahala Hotel and Resort – This beautiful resort is located on the East side of Oahu and is the favorite place for celebrities to stay. It is considered as one of the most romantic resort and has a beautiful beach, scenery, dolphins and gorgeous beachfront weddings. The resort hosts up to six wedding daily and offers different packages to choose from according to your choice and taste.
  • Four Seasons Maui – The Four Seasons Maui Resort is an amazing place for gorgeous outdoor weddings and provides world class service to your guests with posh rooms, phenomenal service and excellent food. If your guests are fewer than 25 then you will have to pay some extra fees and the resort proves to be an outstanding place for a small ceremony.
  • Loulu Palm Estate – Located at about an hour drive from Waikiki, it is a beautiful private estate and one of the romantic places to get married in Hawaii. The private and intimate setting of this place makes this place more beautiful and an ideal place to get married.
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Chapels in Maui to Wed

Couples who want a more traditional approach of their wedding here in Maui, Hawaii will definitely have various of options for their venue. While everyone else enjoys wedding at the beach or near a waterfall a lot still follows what tradition has instill in our way of living and thinking. The chapels in Maui are of various location that are breath taking and you wouldn’t really say why, I did it here? From a cliff top setting to a rustic style and more.

South Part of Maui
This part of Maui is dry and most sunniest. South of MAui claims to be what is the best of holding a chapel wedding and is the best spot for what the island offers. Keawalai Congregational Church in Makena is an overlooking haven to the pacific ocean and will make your wedding more romantic. The church is simple designed and makes you feel all through traditional. If you wan more elegance in a chapel then head on to Wailea Seaside Chapel. They feature crysal chandeliers, stained glass windows, sits at the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa grounds. If you want a morning wedding and enjoys that white sand you may check out Keolahou Congregational Hawaiian Church located in Kihei.

 West Part of Maui
The Northwest part of Maui holds of what history has to offer and is a favorite of royals before. As of today a lot of venue now offers an appealing wedding setting for couples. The Holy Innocents Episcopal Church that is found in Lahaina and great backdrop of the harbor is a most sought place for small weddings. For a bigger accommodation of guests Lahaina United Methodist Church is in the heart of Lahaina and a plantation type venue.

A view of Honokowai Beach Park is your backdrop of the Lahuiokalani Kaanapali Congregational Church. A very ideal place to hold a simple ceremony and the place has a lot of rooms for your guests. A beachfront Ritz Carlton of which Honolua Chapel is located offers a lush setting in Kapalua for couples looking for a venue.

East Part of Maui
If you want nature to be a part of your wedding and want to feel that rugged part of Maui the east is a perfect place to go. This place is not that easy to visit though but if you are there it is worth the hassle. Down Hana Highway is Kaulanapueo Church a very simple chapelof a rustic style. It is for couples who is looking for a minimal elegance to hold a wedding. Once called as “heaven” Palapala Hoomau Church is a unpretentious church sorrounded by towers of trees. THe person who quoted this place as such is Charles Lindbergh and had made the spot his final resting place. A cliff setting above the rugged and rocky shore of Maui is Hui Aloha Church located in Kaupo that provides a stunning and msot unique backdrop for a memorable and or intimate wedding.

These are just a few of the chapels you can visit and try to check out for any weddings in Maui.

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Great Spots For A Maui Wedding

Beaches of Maui, Hawaii are among of the most sought-after locations for weddings. While there are several wedding locations from which to choose among many beaches at Maui, the very best are the types which might be wedding-friendly. Maui beaches with attributes like scenic settings, parking, facilities and proximity to restaurants, resorts, hotels and conveniences are common factors to consider when scouting for the top wedding location.
Kapalua Bay
Kapalua Bay is probably the hottest and scenic beaches in Maui. Its white sandy beaches and crescent shape help it become appealing to visitors. The beach has coconut palms, preparing the romantic, tropical setting. Kapalua Bay is a lot more suited to a smaller wedding since it can be somewhat busy with visitors. Parking and restroom facilities are for sale to your convenience.
Lahaina Beach
Lahaina Beach offers convenience and proximity to restaurants, resorts along with the beautiful area of Lahaina. After your beach wedding party, your friends and relatives can walk across for the reception hall or take pictures inside the historic area of Lahaina, referred to as “jewel within the crown of Maui.”
South Maluaka Beach
South Maluaka Beach provides a picturesque look at rocks and sand having a tropical park like setting. This beach has adequate parking and facilities. In case you have a great deal of guests, this may be the ideal location while there is room enough available.
North Maluaka Beach
North Maluaka Beach is really a beautiful white sandy beach with gorgeous views. The beach is perfectly situated at the front in the Westin Maui Prince Resort, so that you along with your guests need not get carried away to the wedding-day events. The place works and gives parking and also other facilities, like restrooms.
Makena Cove Beach
Makena Cove Beach is quite scenic and it is just about the most popular wedding locations in Maui. This beach can be a dream becoming reality for your tropical paradise beach wedding. It gives you picturesque backdrops with enchanting views of black lava rocks on pristine and crystal-clear water with bright blue skies coming.
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Enjoy A Couples Travel To Maui

Couples on a hunt of the best things to do in Maui is just in for so many possibilities. After that long most awaited time of your lives, being married that is! It is about time to check on the list of things to do while in Maui.

  • Maui Luaus are a stunner. You will definitely enjoy one or more of this Luaus. It only takes more time and of course energy to do so. The famous one of these Luaus is Imu ceremony it is an all you can eat kind of a buffet meal with lots of hula dancing and traditional ways of greeting with Leis upon arriving. Not just a favorite among all the travelers but also an award winning one. Other kinds of Luaus are Lele Luau, Makena Luau and Pacific Luau.
  • Road to Hana is a trip to Maui you shouldn’t miss. Either visiting this with some guests from your wedding, with family and friends or if not just the two of you as a couple. What makes the road to hana famous? It is because of its scenic views, luxurious and comfortable place. You can eat along the gorgeous beach of Hana while feeling the excitement of trying out a Helicopter tour in going back by which stunning waterfalls and thick rainforests are a delight for your eyes.
  • Waterfall Hike. Since Maui is home with the most stunner waterfalls in the world the kind that exudes a romantic feeling to its extent. This is a great couple tour to do aside from how other couples who have gone to this place say it. Be sure to visit a dramatic kind of Waikani Falls.
  • Sunset Cruise. Who wouldn’t be thrilled and feel the excitement if you go on a trip on sunset cruise! As a couple the feeling of being close and enjoy each moment along with your loved one is just priceless with an added romantic mood what else would a couple want to do. You can both enjoy watching the sun set in Maui as it is known of it while sipping wine and enjoying each others company.
  •  The Beaches of Maui. Maui is known to so many things and one of them is Maui wedding, why? Aside from having the back drop of your wedding on a great sunset view of which almost all couples request it. The colorful sands, refine and so enjoyable and a sure free activity to enjoy its pleasure with your partner for a longer time.
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Steps To Get Permission For Your Lanai Wedding

Understanding how to obtain marriage license in Lanai can be tough should you be considering a destination wedding in your house area, you might be indigenous to Lanai, or maybe you plan an aspiration destination wedding. It is simple to, though, pull all your wedding professionals and tasks together to take your an extraordinary special day which is ideal for you and the spouse-to-be.

Have a Hawaiian marriage license from your qualified license agent. You are able to call 808-565-6411 for specifics about the area Department of Health.

In Hawaii, they don’t really possess residency restrictions. Additionally you don’t need to possess a physical or blood test.
It is possible to legally marry in the ages of 18 years of age in Hawaii. In case you are 16 to 17 years of age, you’ll want parental consent. In case you are Fifteen years old and seeking to get married, you need a court ruling that lets you.

In case you are older than 18 yrs . old, the only real identification you need to show can be a valid i.d. like a passport or license. In case you are 18 yrs . old or much younger, you need to be capable of show a professional copy of one’s certificate of a birth.
If you were previously divorced or were built with a spouse expire, you need to show evidence of death or divorce if either of the things happened within 1 month of trying to get your marriage license.

You have to both come in person to have your marriage license on the Hawaiian islands. Do it yourself approximately $60, along with your license will probably be good for 1 month.

It is possible to decide to plan in advance and curently have your paperwork completed by accessing the proper execution at

Inside the state of Hawaii, cousins can marry. Your blood relationship, though, can not be closer than first cousins.

1. Find ceremony and reception areas for the wedding in Lanai.
2. Try to find other Lanai wedding professionals.
3. Contact the vendors that you’re considering and discuss pricing and booking information.
4. Mail your deposits and contracts to host your date for the wedding. Most wedding professionals won’t officially generate their      books until the payment as well as the deposit will be in hand.
5. Stay in contact with your Lanai wedding professionals inside the time before wedding ceremony. Contact them approximately 1 week just before your wedding day to verify any last-minute details.
6. Make any payments a few days with the wedding, then relax and luxuriate in all your work to your wedding day.

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Vendors To Be With On Your Beach Maui Wedding

When it comes to prepping for beach weddings, it can often feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many ingredients that go into putting a wedding together that it can quickly become more of a headache than anything. No two weddings are the same, but many require vendors for similar aspects of the big day.

The start up place to take a look for beach weddings is the City and resort which you intend on having the special event at. It is essential you decide on your suitable hotel/resort to walk down the aisle on. There are actually numerous selections to pick out from when thinking about a Maui wedding making it all the more important you do your homework.

Next come the flowers! Every marriage has to have blossoms spread in and around the marriage. Contact around and cost evaluate as you will be amazed how much they differ. What type of blossoms or how many you involve in the party is completely up to the pair, but it is best to get an concept of what you are looking at with regards to cost.Seaside marriage ceremony do not occur every day. Therefore, create sure you get on the tennis ball went it comes to selecting a photographer. It is essential you catch every time of the big day from the hug at the church to the first flow and the first chew of food.This brings us to the providing service and chef you want to put your believe in in.

A lot of hotels and accommodations will have their own providing organization you can go through right off of the beach to keep it easy. As for the bakery, you may want to quit into a few different shops to try out the food alternatives they have to provide.

One more element to take into account when looking at marriage companies is for songs. There is nothing better than moving the evening away under the celebrities on the seaside after a wonderful marriage. Contact around and see what DJ’s provide the best program, most affordable cost and the most pleasant after celebration for your marriage.  Beach wedding ceremony are a once in a life-time encounter you will never ignore. The establishing itself will take the celebration to a whole new stage. But remember all of the different factors within will make sure the wondrous situation stops up being just what you had expected it would.

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Your Precious Maui Wedding Invites

Couples to be do have a lot to think of for their wedding preparations and it is a bit stressful and yet rewarding to see everything is set and working the way we want it. Having the best of the Wedding Invitation to give to our invited guests would be much more enticing and fun if we have them made with a lot of love to it.

There are ways on how to prepare this wedding invites and for some they prefer something made already and just needed a little printing for the names or if not I guess a lot of online wedding invitations will allow you to provide them the information of your wedding entourage list and the invited guests name for them to print them. If not there are a lot of sites which you may choose as an inspiration to create your own Do-it-Yourself invitation. You can be as creative as you can and ask your families and friends to help you out. Though to help you more let me give you some examples on how your wedding invitation would look like.

Your Maui Wedding would be a sought for and your guests would go running to book to Hawaii.

This are all coming from ETSY and there are still a lot though for those who wanted to check more of this. …   Have a Happy Married Life!!!

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The Best of Maui Beach Wedding


Basically because there are a selection of wedding packages readily available, Maui wedding planning is typically loaded with a great deal of choices. Couples that visit Maui to get married may have planners to consider care of all the plans are as varied as the options of wedding.

If you are not all that acquainted with Maui or you are uncertain of precisely what you would like to organize for your special day, please think about getting in touch with a number of wedding planners on the island and begin talking to them. Once you talk about your specific desires for your unique wedding day, they will have a way to give you a concept of the fees included as well as making recommendations to strengthen on your initial plans.

Your wedding planners occur in all forms and styles on the island. There are the ones that only serve to the rich and famous, who arrived at the island for a luxurious yet still discreet ceremony and reception. And there are actually some others who could possibly get you the greatest deals in town on all of the required providers to create your wedding as fun and unforgettable at a cost that you can pay for. No matter what your budget and your needs, there is a wedding planner on the island who could make it all take place without the need of you having to lift a finger.

Popular Maui Beach Wedding choices are Paipu Beach in Makena, Maluaka Beach which is popular in Maui, Makena Cove popular for sunset weddings, Kapalua Bay which is also one of the best choice here in Maui.

To start with, the actual variety of options could be frustrating to some. Choose several Maui wedding coordinators to talk to and see how you feel about their options. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your individual selections for making your ultimate preference but there are actually some things you need to know for making that choice a bit easier.

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Make Your Maui Wedding a Dream Come True

A lot of couples dream a Maui wedding, but not many make it possible. Most people think it will be too hard to plan, very costly, or simply just too much work. But with a little research, you will discover that Maui Weddings may be an easy task to organize and reasonably affordable, needless to say amazing. Maui weddings are really a memorable and spectacular experience.

maui beach wedding hawaii

In planning a Maui wedding, there are numerous of great hotels and locations to serve as the venue of the wedding. If you are organizing a large affair then you definitely need the help of a wedding planner by contracting among those numerous wedding planning services in Maui. A marriage planning service will guide you in planning every details of your wedding from the ceremony to the reception and in every step of the way.

The Maui Prince Hotel, situated on Southwestern coast of Makena, is among the top spots for Maui weddings. This hotel specializes on weddings, so that they every resource to really make it perfect. Hotel staff may also help organize your wedding video, photography, limo hire, cake, reception, etc. It provides several locations to exchange vows. The most popular outdoor options are courtyard wedding, a beachfront wedding, and a beautiful koi pond wedding. If you choose to do it in an indoor location, then 5200 sq . ft . Prince Ballroom is a perfect one, able to accommodate a number of 500 people.

maui wedding

A beach wedding in Maui is what most couples envision in their Maui wedding plans since Maui has a lot of beautiful beaches. But the thing is, which beach should you choose? Most Maui weddings held on the beach happened in west Maui on the sands of Ka’anapali, Kahana, Kapalua, Napili, and Lahaina.

maui wedding

South Maui beaches are a great wedding spots, specially the beaches of Wailea, Kihei, Makena, and Ma’alaea. South Maui also has a tendency to get less rain than west Maui, therefore the likelihood of a wet wedding is reduced. If you think a secluded beach was much more of what you had in mind, consider Molokai Island.

Molokai is known as the premier wedding destination in most of Hawaii because it is so secluded. Whichever location you chose, it’s going to surely be a memorable experience as all Maui weddings are!

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